Aseica account retrieval

Welcome to the Aseica Google account page. Here, you'll be able to retrieve your Google Account for all class activities (Google Classroom, Google Meet, Google docs, etc.).

The first step is to get your student email address and your initial password. Once you have it, you will be immediately prompted to change your password. Once your password has been changed, and you forget it, you can retrieve it easily by checking the procedure below.

If you tried the steps in the tutorial and are still encountering difficulties, or if you have not received the message about the account, please contact

Table of contents

Getting your student email address

In order to get your student email address, please enter below the address of one of the parent, as given to the Aseica during registration:

Please enter the email address of one of the parent, as given to the Aseica during registration.

After clicking the button, you will receive an email at this address with instructions to log in for all Aseica registered kids in the family.

Login in for the first time

Step 1: go to

Do you see a window like the screenshot below?

  • NO → go to step 2
  • YES → go to step 3 (skipping step 2)

Step 2: Add another Google account

(not needed unless you get a screen like below)

You’re getting this if you are already logged in to one or more Google/Gmail accounts on the browser. You need to add the ASEICA account, so that you can switch easily between all Gmail-based accounts.

1/ Click on your profile picture/logo at the top right of the screen

2/ In the window that appears, select “Add another account”

Step 3: enter login ( and “Next”

Follow the flow of the following pages (password, accept terms, change password, etc). You’re done!

If you get screens not mentioned in this tutorial, please email a screenshot to, with explanations of the steps you took. Thanks!

Ways to check your email

Go to

The simplest way to consult this email is to go to

Forward to an existing address

You can forward all email to an existing address. See further.

Use Outlook or an email client

You can use imap or pop to download this email to any email client such as Outlook.

Add this account to a smartphone

You can add the aseica email address to a smartphone.

Creating a redirect

You can decide to forward your email to an existing account your child already checks regularly.

Step 1: go to your Aseica email settings

1/ Click on the cog icon

2/ Click on “See all settings”

Step 2: Select the “Forwarding and POP/IMAP” tab

1/ Click on “Forwarding and POP/IMAP”

2/ Click on “Add a forwarding address”

Step 3: Enter your child’s personal email address

1/ Enter your email and click “Next”

2/ Click on “Proceed” on the prompt

Step 4: Enter your confirmation code

Check your email on your personal address, and enter the code, or click on the link in the email :

Step 5: Enable the forwarding, and save your changes!

1/ Select “Forward ….”

2/ Click on “Save changes” !

Retrieving your lost password

If you have lost your password, you can reset it through the password recovery procedure, using the parent’s email address. We invite you to link an emergency telephone number for more security.

NB: If you don’t remember your email address, you can get it back using step 1 at the top of this document (the original password will not work anymore however, once it has been changed, so you still need to get a new password using the password recovery procedure).